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ClearTec™ is the only manufacturer of Passive Skimmer technologies utilizing the award winning RUBBERIZER® Filter Media to filter oil, gas, grease, total suspended solids (TSS), and phosphates. ClearTec™ technologies are the global leader in stormwater compliance and filtration systems which is why 9 out of 10 storm drain systems OEM our filters. The RUBBERIZER® Filtration Media is the only Fully Sorbent Solidifier™ to transform oil, gas, and grease into a rubber-like solid on contact and is easily disposed of as a non-hazardous material once fully sorbed. 

The ClearTec™ Passive Skimmer is a universal fit technology that allows you to treat your compliance issues directly at the storm drain, basin, and vault. 

 Product information:
 Passive Skimmers
 Inlet Filters
 Drop-in Filters
 Storm Vault Filters


  • Cost Effective Compliance

  • Large capacity for Oil, Gas, Grease, TSS, and Phosphates

  • Universal Fit

  • No Leaching

  • Non-Clogging Filtration

  • Individual Drain Protection

  • Vault Protection

  • Easy to Deploy and Retrieve

  • Cost Effective Compliance

  • Sheen Remediation


  • RUBBERIZER® Filter Media

  • Solidification of liquid waste

  • 2 gallons* of adsorption capacity

  • Water Repellent

  • Drain protection

  • Full buoyancy when saturated

  • Attachment clips

  • Tethering ability - Standard 4' Tether

  • Free floating

  • 22"x15"x2"

*Based upon testing and field use. May vary due to customer conditions, oil types, or other factors.

If it doesn't say ClearTec™ on it, you don't have the original!

Simple Installation (estimated time 5 min):​

  1. Connect the 4' tether (included) to the storm drain grate by creating a simple loop around one of the horizontal grate slats using the "D-loop" connectors. 

  2. Attach the ClearTec™ Passive Skimmer to the 4' tether by connecting the clip end on the Passive Skimmer to the smaller "D-loop" connector on the tether.

  3. Drop the ClearTec™ Passive Skimmer into the storm drain. It will float on any water that may be in the storm drain or will hang via the tether until water enters the storm drain during rain. The Passive Skimmer will always remain buoyant until it is replaced even when fully saturated with Oil, Gas, Grease, TSS, and Phosphates.

  4. Replace the storm grate over the storm drain opening

Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.

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