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Strong partnerships are the key to success. ClearTec™ is focused on value-added partnerships to deliver its award winning solutions throughout the world. ClearTec™ technologies enable our Master Distributor and Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners the ability to provide the best solutions and services available to the industry.

Partners for Water Quality, Spill Control, & Storm Water

Channel Success

The ClearTec™ Master Distributor Program provides a portfolio of programs, tools, and resources designed to help you grow your business with us. ClearTec adheres to high business standards by demonstrating ethical business practices, stability, and commitment to customer applications and success. The Master Distributor Program includes benefits to assist in gaining greater market share, provide graduating discount opportunities, as well as providing the marketing support necessary to help our end user customers with a complete solution for their water quality needs.


Membership in the ClearTec™ Master Distributor Program will open doors for your organization and increase the value you provide to your customers using ClearTec's™ advanced technologies in water solutions. We offer many program types to suit your individual business needs. Each membership level has its own requirements and benefits. The ClearTec™ Master Distributor Program also seeks companies with expertise in specific vertical markets and offer complementary products or services to end users and VARS in that market.


  • Completed in-take form

  • Initial stocking order based on your Distributor contract

  • Maintain minimum stocking levels per your Distributor contract

  • Demonstrate ability to meet on-going minimum purchase requirements

  • Register with ClearTec™ all VAR’s, partners, and customers for territory protection

  • Demonstrate the ability to execute and fulfill customer orders within industry reasonable time frames

  • Must participate in ClearTec’s “QuickSHIP” program for 24 hours turn around on emergency spill related orders

  • Provide detailed monthly sales out reports of all customers purchasing ClearTec™ product

  • Complete a yearly Sales & Marketing plan 

  • Quarterly sales review with a ClearTec™ Distribution Account Manager

  • Execute on-going marketing and co-marketing programs promoting ClearTec™ products

  • Promote ClearTec™ products on the web and provide links back to ClearTec information

  • Align business strategy and collaborate with ClearTec™ in the areas of sales, marketing and support of our mutual customers

  • Demonstrate extensive application expertise and a proven ability to fulfill a wide range of ClearTec™ products

  • Possess in-depth knowledge of relevant ClearTec™ products and demonstrate competency to select and offer the most appropriate ClearTec™ products to its Partners

ClearTec’s™ Commitment

Whether our Partner provides turnkey disaster solutions, in-depth expertise in haz-mat remediation, water quality systems or basic spill containment solutions, ClearTec™ has the solution to fit the needs of the provider networks. ClearTec™ is dedicated to the Channel by providing the tools, resources and know-how to deliver award-winning products to customers while providing partners with the some of the highest margin opportunities in the industry.

Extensive tools

ClearTec™ equips VARs with a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate their sales process and keep them informed of the latest developments at ClearTec™ and in the Hazmat remediation, storm-drain filtration and related markets.

Worry Free Self-Selling Product

ClearTec™ Worry Free “single waste stream” products are simple to use and maintain the highest sorption efficiencies in the marketplace today. Our global customer base has come to expect the consistent quality that ClearTec™ products have delivered for the past 28 years! 

Cross Selling Opportunities

ClearTec™ provides numerous opportunities for VARs to generate add-on revenue from their existing ClearTec™ sales with its line of complementary products to suit unique applications. 

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