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TECULITE® is an advanced biologic filtration media that removes total suspended solids, zinc, aluminum, copper, and phosphorus from stormwater and water quality systems. It may be combined with RUBBERIZER® in order to provide a single, complete filter solution for stubborn stormwater systems.

TECULITE® filters are sterile and inert and may used for filtering liquids in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. No tastes, colors or odors are imparted, and, subject to meeting the standards listed in the Food Chemicals Codex, are deemed safe for their intended use.


  • Storm-water filtration

  • Liquids filtration 

  • Waste water treatment 

  • Sludge solidification


  • Optimum clarity of filtered product

  • Variable high flow rates 

  • No color, taste, odor

  • Inert, insoluble in acids.

  • Environmentally Safe - less than .1% silica.

  • Non-hazardous.

  • Usable with standard filter equipment

  • Easier filter cleaning

  • Reduced equipment abrasion

  • Easiey handle

  • Economical

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