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  • Cost Effective Compliance

  • Large capacity for Oil, Gas, Grease, TSS, and Phosphates

  • Custom sizes

  • No Leaching

  • Non-Clogging Filtration

  • Individual Drain Protection

  • Vault Protection

  • Easy to Deploy and Retrieve

  • Cost Effective Compliance

  • Sheen Remediation


  • RUBBERIZER® Filter Media

  • Solidification of liquid waste

  • Water Repellent

  • Inlet protection

  • Full buoyancy when saturated

  • Attachment clips

  • Direct OEM fit

  • AquaMesh™ High-flow casing

 Product information:
 Passive Skimmers
 Inlet Filters
 Drop-in Filters
 Storm Vault Filters

ClearTec™ Inlet Filters protect the entry point of storm drain systems and utilize the award winning RUBBERIZER® and TECULITE® filtration media to filter oil, gas, grease, total suspended solids (TSS), phosphates, and heavy metals. ClearTec™ is the global leader in stormwater compliance and filtration which is why 9 out of 10 storm drain systems OEM our filters. 

ClearTec™ Inlet Filters come in a variety of sizes designed to fit your unique inlet and curbside drains. No matter who manufactures your storm drain inlets and vaults, our global distributors stock, install, and maintain the specific filter needed to treat your compliance issues .

If it doesn't say ClearTec™ on it, you don't have the original!

Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.

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