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ClearTec Global is home to the world famous RUBBERIZER® products, the Only Fully Sorbent Solidifier™ that transforms spilled hydrocarbons into a rubber-like solid on contact. RUBBERIZER® is EPA approved as a sorbent due to ClearTec’s Trade Secret and non-chemical adsorption and solidification process. RUBBERIZER® is used throughout the world and is patented in 22 countries.

DOD Gold Medal Winner!

ClearTec’s revolutionary line of products have been used in oil spill clean-up and storm-water filtration operations around the world for 25 years. Our unique RUBBERIZER® sorbent is formulated from modern nontoxic, non-hazardous polymers capable of high sorption efficiencies and will transform hydrocarbons into a rubber-like solid on contact.

Did you know...?

  • RUBBERIZER® is 249% more efficient than poly based products

  • Our customers use 60% less RUBBERIZER® to clean the same mess!

  • RUBBERIZER® uses 59% less storage space than poly based products

  • RUBBERIZER® turns a wet waste into solid and dry non-hazardous material


The key advantages of the RUBBERIZER® Product Line when compared to many of the characteristics of the more conventional products are:

  • Inert food grade polymer

  • Works on land or water borne spills

  • Remains buoyant

  • Solidifies and is landfill approved

  • Resists leaching

  • Does not release solidified oils under pressure

  • Incinerates with less than 0.1% residual ash

  • Reduces overall clean-up time

  • Reduces overall costs


RUBBERIZER® products sorb and transform most petroleum based products into a rubber-like material including:

  • Gasoline

  • Jet Fuel

  • Diesel Fuels

  • Transformer Oils

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Lube Oils

  • Aromatic Solvents

  • Chlorinated Solvents

  • Crude Oil and many other compounds...


ClearTec’s competitors would like you to think that their absorbents and poly-based products are less expensive than using Rubberizer®. Don’t be fooled by imitation solidifiers and the poly crowd that only do half the job! Here are just a few of the additional costs they don’t tell you about:

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ClearTec also addresses concerns in handling hazardous material and waste disposal. Our technologies not only sorb hazardous material but also solidify them creating a single, dry waste stream of contaminated material for remediation. ClearTec is the only solution that eliminates the disposal of dangerous used material. Our “cradle to grave” handling eliminates the need for hazmat material storage and the long term effects of liquid hazmat in the environment.

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