• Bilge filtering

  • Marina and cove water quality

  • Dockside drinking water

  • Facility water quality

  • Stormwater systems

  • Parking area runoff


  • Dockside spills

  • Maintenance areas

  • Parking area spills

  • Bilge protection

  • Spill kits

  • Dock protection liners

  • Shore line protection

  • Sheen collection

  • Storm vault filters

ClearTec™ is a global leader in marine protection and compliance solutions for maritime, marina, ship salvage & repair, marine water quality and many other marine applications. Our technologies are integrated in the best systems available to protect you, your customers, and the environment. Our EPA/FDA compliant solutions provide the water quality necessary to meet stringent laws and guidelines. They also help protect you against fines and other regulatory burdens.