• Water system purification

  • Oil skimming disposal

  • Brownfield remediation

  • Superfund pump & treat

ClearTec™ spill remediation solutions are the most efficient and environmental technologies in the world. We not only sorb liquid oil spills but solidify oil, gas, & grease turning it into a solid, hazardous-free mass for waste disposal and Energy from Waste conversion. Because of these unique qualities and many others, we have the only solution approved to meet government compliance needs for both land based and waterborne spill remediation. Our solutions also reduce the expensive fines and fees associated with compliance and spills.


  • Oil, gas, & grease

  • Open water remediation

  • Ground spill remediation

  • Energy from Waste disposal

  • EPA compliance

  • Complete remediation kits

  • Environmental Quality compliance

ClearTec™ spill remediation
  • ClearTec™ is 249% more efficient than poly based products

  • Our customers use 60% less ClearTec™ to clean the same mess!

  • ClearTec™ uses 59% less storage space than old, traditional products