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“The material you provided was a real lifesaver for us and all those involved with the cleanup of approximately 800 gallons of diesel fuel that was spilled during onload of fuel on the Ex-Davidson. In this day and age, it is a real treat when you find someone that sells something that does what it is supposed to do. I’m sold on Rubberizer!”

Matthew C., California Marine Cleaning, Inc.

“Obviously I need your boom to effectively remove sheen, because the other materials just do not work. I have used your product on spills ranging from heavy bunker fuel to rainbow sheen cleanups. I feel that we could effectively use your booms for all the remaining cleanup and save Chevron a lot of money in the process especially in the area of disposal since your product can either go to the landfill or to H-power.”

DeWayne H., AAA Island Environmental Inc.

“We have found that toward the end of a spill, Rubberizer is the only product that is effective in the removal of light ends or sheen. Our customers have been very pleased with the results of the Rubberizer product because it removed the final product and reduced the overall clean-up time and costs.”

Harry B., Foss Environmental (Now SeaCor)

“This Marine Safety Office has found the Rubberizer product to be very effective in the cleanup of oil spills of lighter end products such as diesel fuel and gasoline. Specific use of the product by this office includes pleasure crafts which sink in their slip leaking either diesel or gasoline, where the Rubberizer is placed in the slip, thus cleaning up the fuel from the water and preventing spread of sheen.”

J.A. W. IV, US Coast Guard

“Recently MPC conducted a large scale spill response following a release

of PCB-contaminated mineral oil into a drainage ditch running through farmland. Rubberizer was used to perform a variety of containment and recovery processes on the site. When the project was over and the filter box removed for disposal, the culvert was revealed to have been kept free of contamination.”

Michael P., Marine Pollution Control

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