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ClearTec™, through its critically acclaimed CLEARVIEW® protection and clarification systems, introduces it's WaterAI® technology centric applications, sensors, and Advanced Intelligence Systems to the water quality, filtration, and purification industry. 

Safe, clean drinking water has been an ongoing global problem for years. The water industry has made it virtually impossible to understand “what's in your water™" with faucet based filters, pitchers, bottled water, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and other water systems being offered to the public.

These systems claim to filter your water but what are you getting? In home sales representatives use their "magical" water test kit which will always represent a problem with your water. Once their water systems are installed, how do you know for sure your water is safe and what contaminants are being removed? Does the system only filter drinking water or does it protect your entire home, school, or business? Does the system also soften hard water, remove chlorine, add dangerous salts, or notify you when there is bacteria, lead, and arsenic in the water? The complexity of water issues create a challenge that the average consumer does not have access to control or the immediate ability to protect themselves, until now!

WaterAI® gives you the ability to see what's in your own water!

With live notifications and a tap of your mobile device, you can see and respond to the condition of your water. Immediate answers are provided in the WaterAI® active protection system and the system tells you how it is proactively protecting your water and your family. Or if you're not safe, it will alert you before the water company does so you can protect yourself!

Protect Everything

Protect your entire home or 

business from contaminants,

not just drinking faucets.

Watch Everything

See what’s in your water™

and make decisions based 

on what’s best for your family.

Instant Notification

Alerts you whenever there is 

a problem the needs your 

attention or your water is not safe.

Never Forget

Reminds you when it’s 

time to maintain your 

Protection Filters.

Access Anywhere

Complete access from the

cloud, mobile, or locally.

24 Hours

Constant protection because

water safety never sleeps.

Imagine the ability to see what’s in your own water; no lab tests, test strips, specialized people in your home, reliance on government water systems, or fancy water testing equipment. WaterAI® technologies will provide you, the water consumer, real time insight into your own water from anywhere and at anytime. You will have protection for your entire home, school, or commercial building. You will know immediately if lead, bacteria, iron, and other contaminants enter your property and you will have the ability to treat it yourself before it affects you. CLEARVIEW® will give you total control over your water health, safety, and family!

CLEARVIEW® Financing
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