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  • Oil, gas, & grease

  • Chlorinated solvents

  • Trichloroethylene (TCE)

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)

  • Trihalomethanes (THM)

  • Chlorine

  • Chloramine

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Iron

  • Manganese

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Nickel

  • Phosphorus

  • Bacteria

  • Virus

  • Algae & Protozoa 

  • Organics

  • Pesticides

  • Detergents

  • Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Flouride

  • Nitrates

  • Soluable Heavy Metals

  • Lead

  • Sediments including rust

  • Total Dissolved Solids

  • Total Suspended Solids

  • Scale


Sorb to the Core
Filter Solidifier
About Us

About Us

ClearTec™ is the only complete solution with the ability to solve complex water issues. Our unique, patented, and trade secret resins, filter media, and filtration systems are the most sought after technologies in the industry. OEM manufacturers throughout the world rely on our technologies to be integrated into their advanced systems due to their high performance and the long term reliability of our company. 

World leader in.....Everything Water

ClearTec Global has been providing solutions for water quality, filtration, storm-water, and spill remediation globally for over 30 years with customers in government, military, oil & gas, water quality, and many more to handle all of their water needs.

CLEARVIEW®, WaterAI®, RUBBERIZER®, TECULITE®, HYPERCLEAR®, and other media types protect water and filter hydrocarbons, Benzenes, industrial solvents, bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, detergents, VOCs, metals, soluble heavy metals, chemicals, and much more. Our distributors and partners provide complete solutions using ClearTec™ technologies in industries such as petrochemicals, storm water management, drinking water purification, industrial process water, pressure washing & cleaning, OSRO spill response, military asset protection, First Response Environmental Disaster Teams, maritime remediation, and other compliance needs.



RUBBERIZER® is the Only Fully Sorbent Solidifier™ that transforms spilled hydrocarbons into a rubber-like solid on contact for more than 28 years. It comes integrated into water quality filters and storm-water filters. RUBBERIZER® also is used in oil spill remediation booms, pillows, mats, spill kits, and any more applications.

HYPERCLEAR™ ESD filter media is an advanced Energy Stultification Discharge (ESD) filter technology designed to remove bacteria, algae, fungi, hydrogen-sulfide, iron, and water soluble heavy metals. HYPERCLEAR™ ESD filters are used in many pretreatment, primary water treatment, and industrial treatment processes

CLEARVIEW® water quality and filtration systems are the only filtration systems in the world that provide multi-stage filtration for over 220+ contaminates and have the option to integrate with RUBBERIZER® and TECULITE® filter cartridges for advanced filtering capabilities.

TECULITE® is an advanced biologic filtration media that removes total suspended solids, zinc, aluminum, copper, and phosphorus from stormwater and water quality systems. It can sometimes be combined with RUBBERIZER® in order to provide a single, complete filter solution for stubborn stormwater systems.


Contact Us

ClearTec Global, LLC

World Headquarters: 405 N 75th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85043

Tel: (800) 542-3036


US Distribution locations in: AK, AZ, CA, FL, LA, MA, OR, NC, WA

International Distribution locations in: CAN, BHS, FRA, IDN, JPN, THA, TTO

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